2006 Texas Democratic Party Platform


On Saturday, June 10, 2006, the Texas Democratic Party adopted their 2006 Party Platform. Under the heading of Rural Texas and Agriculture, is a plank specific to the Trans-Texas Corridor. It reads:

"We oppose the proposed Trans-Texas Corridor, a proposal that is little more than an attempt to transfer ownership of a strip down the middle of the state to a foreign corporation with close ties to the Governor, which could have a potentially devastating effect on rural areas, property owners and communities."

"We also oppose the use of eminent domain to deprive any property owner of the possession, use, or the ability to control the use of their property, for the pure purpose of economic development; without just compensation; in the absence of an obvious and compelling public need."

And, under the section of their platform, titled The Environment, is another reference calling for stronger state environmental protection, regulation and enforcement followed by a number of 'We support' bullet points. One of those reads:

We support: ....  "real property rights protections from Republican proposals to take private land for privately-funded sports stadiums, Perry’s Trans-Texas Corridor, and permitting policy that would allow uncontrolled development along the corridor;"


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