Challenging the Wisdom of the Trans Texas Corridor.

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CorridorWatch was first to report a pair of letters being sent from the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) to TxDOT in an outright attempt to thwart passage of HB1892 and other Texas legislation.

The threat letter sent by FHWA, through TxDOT, contained far more pro private CDA rhetoric than legal substance.

CorridorWatch was offended by the overt attempt of a federal agency to exercise influence over a state legislative process. It appears that it is their intent to dictate state policy by interfering with legitimate debate.

We applaud the Senator's letter to the FHWA but cannot share her gracious position suggesting that it was not their intent to cloud the current legislation.

Everyone should recognize that there is no agency more driven to carry the torch for private monopolization of our state and federal highway infrastructure than the FHWA.


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